Sam Van Haren

Recent BCIT Graduate looking for work!


Industry Project - Flavrite

A sponsored project done at the end of our program at BCIT



Our BCIT program concluded with a 5-week industry sponsored project, where a sponsor comes to us with a project that we work with them on for those 5 weeks. My 5-member group worked with Flavrite, a start up company that is creating a "taste portfolio" mobile application.

Due to some complications with the team at Flavrite during our work term, our group was not tasked with much developmental work. Instead, our group's focus was to document the entire codebase as well as transtion their existing codebase from React Native CLI to React Expo.

My role in the team was to be our team's primary communicator with our sponsor, document the Laravel back-end, and provide debugging assistance during the transition process. This project, although was not what we expected, still provided us with great industry experience and gave us plenty of debugging work (which is always important!)



React Native

Laravel PHP